Отзывы заказчиков

На этой странице мы публикуем отзывы наших заказчиков.

Hello Alexander.
I hope your well and that everything is going good for you. The pipes arrived yesterday safe and sound, they are truly a magnificent set of pipes, they look and sound incredibly beautiful, thought and attention is obvious in every detail, your obviously a master pipemaker Alexander but also truly an Artist. I thank you from my heart for making me this beautiful instrument. All the very best to you Alexander.
Yours Sincerely, David.

PS. They came straight to my door without any fuss or bother thank you kindly for that.
David Wright
Barwon Downs, Victoria, Australia.

I got them in the mail yesterday, they look and sound fantastic.
Thank you again, ive been playing them for the past day and a half now straight.
Im trying to master the bellows, i think ive adapted to the smaller spacing between holes on the chanter.
My arm is really sore, im not to sure about technique, i think im pumping the bellows a little too often.
Mainly im just trying to build up the strength in my arm, so that the bellows will be easier to use, just trying to get an even tone.
Thanks again for such a well crafted set of smallpipes, when i master them ill send you a recording.

Kind Regards
Mike Murray
Tamworth, NSW, Australia

Hello my friend!
Sorry for delayed. I’ve got the chanter two days ago but I have no moment to mail till today.
I was very gratefully impressed . Smart, nice chanter . Many thanks for silver rings. Great sound, rich tone and remarcable pitch . I just begin to feel the pleasure to play it and so I’ll keep on .

It has been worthwhile to wait this long time
Thank you very much, Alexander, a master of bagpipes maker .

Teodor Salvà García,
Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Last year I ordered a set of combination small pipe A/D from Alexander. The instrument is a piece of art. You can see Alexander is a professional sculpter, because of the way the instrument is made.
Every detail is well taken care of, and the sound is exeptional. I asked for a handle to be able to close the drones while playing. It really shows his mastership, ans his eye for detail. He offers you a personal service, and that helps you to get to know the artist himself. What stands out is his passion for the pipes, not only making them, but also playing them as a skilled piper.
Although I ordered the small pipe from Belgium, the distribution wasn’t a problem at all. Alexander makes it a priority that the pipes arrive in a good manner, and that the buyer is as content as he is about the instrument he crafted. Because of that, he became not only a fellow piper, but a friend.

Louis-Philippe Apers
Antwerpen, Belgium

Hola Alexander:
El punteiro llego bien, tiene buen sonido.
Beni Garcia
Cangas de Morrazo
Pontevedra, España